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Keep up to date with JETAA news and events from JETAAI and chapters around the world.

In this section we will post updates on general JET and JETAA news, as well as provide a calendar of events from around the world. Activites of the JET participants and alumni community are also available via CLAIR's JET Streams, which is open to submissions.


The JETAAI calendar shows events from chapters through the use of Google Calendar.


If you want your events included in our calendar: 

  • make sure you are using Google Calendar

  • make sure you have shared it publicly.

Next, you can either provide a 'shareable link' or the calendar's email address (i.e. Gmail). You can read the guide on the Google support page.

Of course, you can contact the Webmaster for help to connect your Google Calendar to ours. 


Updates and news regarding JETAAI, JET Programme or JETAA in general.

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