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Elections open for JETAAI positions

Applications for Chair and Vice Chair are now open from January 28th to February 25th. This year the election officers will be seeking community feedback on candidates.

To foster greater engagement and transparency, the elections will be announced on JETAAI's social media platforms. Alumni are encouraged to contact their Country Representatives with any questions, or direct it to the voting@ ( email address to the election officers.


Candidates for Chair and Vice Chair must be former JET Programme participants:

  • candidates for Chair must be a current or former Country Representative or Chapter Representative, or have served at least two terms as Vice Chair

  • candidates for Vice Chair do not have to be a current or former Country Representative or Chapter Representative - although highly preferred.

A “Chapter Representative” can generally be someone who has served in an officer position and has experience representing the chapter in conferences or other events.

Roles and Responsibilities


The Chair is responsible for:

  • Leading all meetings of the Executive Committee

  • Directing the overall activities of JETAA-I

  • Acting as the official spokesperson for JETAAI and the alumni on the international level

  • Acting as the primary liaison with stakeholders and other organizations

  • Supporting chapter development in new or struggling chapters

  • Cultivating relationships among chapters

  • Facilitating positive, timely, and effective communication in the alumni community

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair is responsible for:

  • Providing day-to-day supervision of specific projects

  • Coordinating changes to the Bylaws

  • Overseeing the work of any committees

  • Assisting the Chair with supporting new and developing chapters and cultivating inter-chapter relationships

  • Overseeing the website and social media activity

  • Handling other types of communications, such as publicity and promotion

Whomever becomes elected to the roles will also face the additional task of organising and coordinating the international conference for JETAA International community, continuing the work that started last year. This requires coordinating and communicating between CLAIR Tokyo and all 19 Country Representatives, across time zones, and planning for all alternative forms of conferences - in-person, hybrid, or virtual. This work will require additional dedication and effort on top of duties above, with constant and regular communication with every stakeholder for an efficient and trouble-free process.

Submitting Platforms

  • Platforms are 1 page long. Highlight why you are a great candidate for the position, including past experience and vision for the future.

  • The platform submission period will run from January 28th to February 25th, 2022.

  • The Election Officer and Deputy Election Officer will be collecting the submissions.

  • Please email all platform submissions to:

Once the platform submission period has ended, all platforms received will be announced through JETAA online platforms and there will be a one-week period for public inquiry and review. This final review period will run from February 26th to March 5th. The Executive Committee and Election Officers will finalize the slate of candidates during this period.


Voting will take place from March 6th to March 27th until 11:59PM (23:59) PST. Results will be announced March 28th. There is 1 vote for each Country Representative.

You can email questions to your Country Representative or to

Feel free to review the by-laws on this on our website.

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