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Stay connected with JETAAI

Summer is here. Which means that while the new JETs are preparing to live and work in Japan the soon-to-be new alumni are also preparing for whatever comes next.

Chapters around the world are, of course, now holding their pre-departure seminars, a few examples of which are noted in the June installment of Chapter Beat, and there are numerous fora for current and former JETs to provide information and answer questions for the newbies (hopefully, everyone has access to one of these through their alumni chapter or Embassy/Consulate). Then, for good measure, after arriving in Japan, CLAIR will host the Tokyo Orientation, with even more useful information, before sending everyone on to their postings.

Despite all this, it's quite likely almost everyone will still find themselves having questions or difficulty with understanding and adjusting to certain things. That is why we strongly encourage all JETs to get in touch with their AJET reps and take advantage of the many services and opportunities AJET has to offer. If you are one of our newbies and haven't already, check out the AJET website and see what's going on.

For those now veteran JETs, preparing to come home, we hope that you have Checked the Box so that CLAIR can share your information with the alumni chapter in the area you will be landing in after JET, whether it's in Japan, in your home country, or somewhere new. Even if you have not, there are a myriad of resources available online (yes, like this website) that can help connect you to chapters and groups around the world.

The point is, wherever you land and whatever you're doing, keep connected! You're one of a community of over 62,000 similarly strange and wonderful people, so take advantage of that.

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