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Park Hyejeong

Country Representative (SK)

South Korea


私は朴慧貞(パク・ヘジョン/PARK HYE-JUNG)と申します。韓国ソウル出身です。
しました。島根での5年間は自分の人生にとっても忘れられない思い出になりました。特に 仕事以外に、島根に行ってから、新しくできた趣味は日本の武道である、「剣道です。剣道を習い始めてから、単純なスポーツを超えて、その中に入っている日本の精神、礼儀なども学ぶことができ、とてもよかったと思います。




Hello everyone! I’m Park Hye-Jung, from Seoul in South Korea. I was a JET from 2014 to 2019 as a CIR in the International Culutral Division at the Shimane Prefectural office. The 5 years I spent in Shimane has become one of the most treasured memories in my life. In Shimane, I’ve discovered a newfound interest in Japanese martial arts like Kendo. I started learning kendo simply as a sport, but slowly, I found that it encompasses in it the essence of Japan, courtesy and etiquette. It was very enriching for me.


After coming back from Japan, I work as a freelance interpreter, translator and Japanese language teacher. Through JETAA-I, I look forward to interacting with all JETAA members from different chapters around the world. I’m also currently studying English, and look forward to meeting everyone soon!