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Mahender Kumar Gakkula

Country Representative (IND)


I was shocked to see no samurai when I first came to Japan, as the only image I had before coming to Japan was of samurai, from an Akira Kurosawa’s movie. I was an ALT in Fukuoka Prefecture, from 2007-2010.

Post JET, I continued to work at schools with private ALT companies in Kyushu and Kansai region. Later I taught at Ehime University.

During 2020-21, I took initiative and a major lead to take events online with the support of my fellow chapter members and reached a bigger audience whom we otherwise could not have met if it were offline. During this year, JETAA India has organized online events covering various topics. My broad network helped bring guest speakers for our events making each of their webinars very engaging.

My interest in Japanese language has made me continue the study to reach N2 level. If not for Japanese language, then it would be difficult journey to live for 10 years in Japan and live as a member of Japanese family. My Ph.D research about “Loanwords in Japanese Language” has brought me further closer to Japan and the language continues to fascinate me.

Currently I am living in India helping an ERP IT firm with offshore IT development as a translator and bilingual project manager. Previously in India I helped with the production of Japanese animation programs like “Ninja Hattori”, and also helped with the production of engine valves at a Japanese manufacturing plant. 

I am a sports lover and encourage young players in the community. I am willing to make strong connections from JETAA International community towards a greater Asian presence and towards a greater global collaboration.

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