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Kelebogile Moruane

Country Representative (SA)

South Africa

I am an International Relations Specialist with an educational background in International Relations, African Studies, Gender Studies and Politics and am currently enrolled in a Masters in Human Rights.

I have managed, coordinated and participated in various International
Exchange Programs including:

  • Served as an Assistant Language Teacher & a Tokyo Orientation Assistant during my tenure on the Jet Programme (2010 – 2013);

  • Managed the Japan Overseas Volunteer Regional Programme (JOCV) offered by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) across three African countries including South Africa, Botswana and eSwatini (formally known as Swaziland);

  • Served as a Cultural Affairs Assistant for the American Embassy in South Africa – and in charge of the International Speaker Program, the Fulbright Scholarship Program and the Foreign Language Teachers Programme;

  • Served as a SADC Stakeholder Relations Officer for Australia Awards - Africa, a Developmental Scholarship Programme offered by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;

  • Currently employed as a Project Coordinator for the University of South Africa (UNISA) and in charge of Local, Regional, Continental and International projects for the University.

As an aspirant South African diplomat, I am passionate about issues of Human Rights, Social Justice, Education and Development - a well-rounded civil rights activist committed to securing equality, transparency and accountability under democratic leadership.

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