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Valerie Stewart

Country Representative (USA2)


Hi! I’m Valerie Stewart and my tenure on the JET Program was as an ALT in Saga Prefecture (1999-2002).  I then worked privately as an ALT in Omura, Nagasaki from 2002 - 2004.

After leaving Japan, I began working for a company in the concierge and loyalty industry. My current role is in the marketing and partnerships department of that same company.

Since 2010, I have had the pleasure and honor of serving as both secretary (2010) and treasurer of JETAA Southeast (2011 - 2021). My tenure as a local chapter officer not only enabled me to continue working in a capacity related to Japan, but gave me the first-hand knowledge of having seen a chapter go through various stages of activity, alumni involvement, and resurgence into a strong, active alumni organization. I hope to not only be a resource but a voice for our alumni.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to meeting and connecting with you all.

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