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Post-JET support and resources

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Navigating life after JET can be challenging. There are online resources to help with the transition.

The JET alumni community is always happy to help. You can start with your Country Representative

The official JET Programme website is also full of great resources for career development and support, such as the After JET conference. AJET also provides links to resources. 

Job postings 

The JET network is a great place to hear about available jobs:

Career development

Post-graduate studies

The US has a well-developed market for post-graduate studies (or graduate schools), with scholarships available. Note that this list is US-centric and may not be available for all JETs. 


Chapters and alumni are also welcomed to create a post-graduate partnership in their area. The Post-JET Opportunities (PJO) Pursuit Packet details how to do this.

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