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JETAA chapters


Find a JETAA community near you. With 50 chapters and 70,000 plus alumni, you're never far from our global network.

Find a JETAA community to join. Chapters are run by enthusiastic volunteers who are funded by the Japanese government. This supports their social, cultural and JET Programme support (pre and post programme).  

Provisional and past chapters

Provisional chapters are new additions that have applied for formal recognition and funding. At the moment, these are JETAA Vietnam, JETAA Indonesia, JETAA Philippines and JETAA Switzerland.

There are chapters and subchapters that have either become inactive, never formalised, or defunct.

  • Europe: JETAA Russia 

  • UK: JETAA Northern Ireland (UK), JETAA South-East (UK), JETAA South-West (UK), JETAA Wales (UK)

  • Asia and Middle East: JETAA China, JETAA Middle East

  • Oceania: JETAA South Australia (AU, now merged into JETAAVICTASSA)

Starting a new chapter or subchapter

Thinking of starting a new chapter? Check out our guide.

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