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50 chapters worldwide (not counting numerous subchapters), 17 countries (officially) and over 70,000 alumni - we are a community with members around the world. Find one close to you and get involved.

Since its establishment in 1987, the JET Programme has helped both to increase Japan's engagement with the rest of the world and to produce an extraordinary group of professionals with an intimate working knowledge of the country.

These alumni are increasingly coming to be recognized as the "fourth wave" of Japan hands who will help shape relations between Japan and the rest of the world over the coming decades. In recognition of this, support and funds are provided by the Japanese government to facilitate the activities of chapters around the world, subject to strict criteria and eligibility.


JETAA's members are its greatest asset and the foundation of its strength. All former participants in the JET Programme are considered part of the alumni community, and it is hoped they will join their local chapter or subchapter and take advantage of the many events and activities being offered.


Chapters are entirely run by alumni volunteers, who work to provide support for the JET Programme itself and for its prospective, newly-hired, and former participants.

To contact the Country Representatives, please see here. 


JETAA South Africa 


JETAA India - Email 
JETAA Indonesia* - Email 

JETAA JapanEmail

JETAA Philippines* - Email

JETAA South Korea - Email

JETAA Singapore - Email

JETAA Vietnam*


JETAA Jamaica - Email

JETAA Trinidad & Tobago Email


JETAA France - Email

German JETAA - Email

Ireland JETAA - Email

JETAA Switzerland- Email


* Provisional status

There are chapters that have either become inactive, never formalised, or defunct. For historical purposes, the following are chapters and subchapters that fall within this category. Subject to local considerations, laws or availability, nothing prevents the re-formation of such chapters, although ultimately formal recognition will require the support of JETAAI. 

  • Europe: JETAA Russia

  • Asia and Middle East: JETAA China, JETAA Middle East 

  • UK: JETAA Northern Ireland (UK), JETAA North-East (UK), JETAA South-East (UK), JETAA South-West (UK), JETAA Wales (UK)

  • Oceania: JETAA South Australia (AU, now merged into JETAAVICTASSA)

USJETAA has created a webinar series about JETAA chapter issues and concerns, some of which may be more universally applicable outside of the North American experience.


JETAA was formally established in 1989 by the recognition of the JETAA charter, as a joint initiative between AJET (the Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching, for JETs currently on the Program) and CLAIR (the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations). The original chapters were in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, UK and USA. Read up more on the history of the evolution of JETAA and JETAAI here.

Country Representatives (JETAA elected officers who represent the alumni of their country, or like German JETAA, a language regardless of country) were first elected in 2000. They also serve as the Executive Committee on JETAAI - a list of current Country Representatives can be seen here.

If you're interested in setting up a chapter or a subchapter in your area, please contact us for guidance through the procedure.

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