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JETAAI, like all chapters, are run by enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers - so we count on your support. 

Read about what the Executive Offices, Webmaster and Board of Advisors do. If you're looking for background of JETAAI and a list of past officers, see the JETAAI history page.


JETAA International, observers, AJET and CLAIR delegates at the Tokyo International Meeting in 2019, with CLAIR

The Executive Officer roles of Chair and Vice Chair are open to elections and applications by past JETs, with the added criteria that candidates for the Chair must have held a prior or current position as Country Representative. Some brief facts:

  • Interested candidates are to submit a platform to an Election Officer (a neutral party) who will then disseminate them to the Executive Committee (Country Representatives);

  • The Executive Committee votes on the candidate of their choice and submits it to the Election Officer in a secret ballot;

  • Voting is done by secret ballot and announced by the Election Officer;

  • The minimum term is a year, and the maximum is 2 years.

  • Board members and the Webmaster are appointed. Board members may serve up to 5 years. There is no term limit for the Webmaster.

Full details of the process of application and election to the roles are detailed in the JETAAI bylaws.



The Chair is responsible for:

  • Leading all meetings of the Executive Committee; 

  • Directing the overall activities of JETAAI; 

  • Acting as the official spokesperson and primary liaison for JETAAI with stakeholders and other organizations; 

  • Supporting chapter development in new or struggling chapters; 

  • Cultivating relationships among chapters;

  • Facilitating positive, timely and effective communication in the alumni community, both among chapters and with the Executive Committee. 


The Vice Chair is responsible for:

  • Providing day-to-day supervision of specific projects as directed by the Chair and / or the Executive Committee;

  • Coordinating changes to the Bylaws; 

  • Overseeing the work of any committees; 

  • Assisting the Chair with supporting new and developing chapters and cultivating inter-chapter relationships; 

  • Overseeing the website and social media activity; 

  • Handling other types of communications, such as publicity and promotion, where directed by the Chair and / or Executive Committee.

Upon consultation with the Executive Committee and Board of Advisors, the Vice Chair may also assume the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence for any reason.


The Webmaster is selected by the Executive Officers, and has no voting rights (unless filled by a Country Representative). Responsibilities are:

  • Providing technical support to the Chair and Vice Chair in their duties; 

  • Maintaining online assets of JETAAI such as the website and social media presence and other duties as so directed by the Executive Officers; 

  • Providing tech support as required, which can include creating a team to assist in that role;

  • Staying up-to-date on the latest web trends and technologies, and where appropriate, implementing improvements to the site;

  • Sharing and disseminating tech solutions for chapters;

  • Liaising with chapter webmasters around the world for updating content on the site such as the calendar of events, news or resources;

  • Promoting awareness of JETAAI through social media.


The Board of Advisors ideally consists of approximately five people who provide support and advice to the Executive Officers and Executive Committee where appropriate. The Board's role is to supplement the Executive Committee by providing special skills or knowledge and to undertake activities in support of JETAAI as directed by the Officers or Committee.


The Board has a direct role in overseeing the election of Executive Officers and an indirect role in strengthening governance by providing continuity to JETAAI, since its members often have years of experience with JETAA prior to joining and their terms of office extend beyond those of the elected Officers and Committee.


Board members are chosen by the Chair in consultation with the Vice Chair, Executive Committee, and other Board of Advisor members, and are generally encouraged to serve from two to five years.

The Board of Advisors has no voting or decision-making authority and serves in a purely advisory capacity.





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