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JETAA Oceania Regional Conference: 20-21 Nov 2021 (Virtual)

The 2021 Oceania Conference resumed after an absence of a year, and was held in a virtual format due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on international travel.

The online nature of the conference allowed for more alumni members to attend, as normally the participant numbers are restricted by budget of the host chapter. JETAAI also made an appearance, represented by Chair Nathalie Ng and Vice-Chair Andrew Massey.

Day 1

The first day began with each chapter giving an update on their noteworthy activities and shared insights with the group. Later, the official delegates went into breakout rooms to discuss the following topics:

  1. Changing the Subject – Working on community, reducing exclusivity in JETAA activities.

  2. Changing the Crowd – Widening the demographic and accessibility of activities.

  3. Changing the Frequency – Engagement: when we engage others, how we engage others to consider becoming a JET, and then to join JETAA after JET.

Some insights include:

  • how to present experiences in a relatable and understandable way to others

  • how to engage with all demographic and age group, now that JET community covers a large range after 30 years

  • refine outreach methodology to achieve long term goals.

Day 2

The second day begins with presentation by CLAIR on JET Programme activities, and their expectations and requests of chapters.

There was also a presentation by JETAAI, introducing the work and function of JETAAI, and how JETAAI can work with chapters.

Country Representatives also presented, on mental health, wellbeing and sexual security. With COVID pandemic now causing periodic isolation in its second year, mental health has become more important for JETs and alumni.


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