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JETAA Oceania Regional Conference: 5-6 Oct 2019

This year's conference changed the format and material slightly, by including a review by each chapter of their strengths and achievements, what they implemented out of the last conference, and their future goals and projects. After this review, chapters then presented on topics that were assigned to them, such as the continuing issues of engaging existing members, attracting new ones, and ensuring adaptability and long-term relevance and survival of JET alumni associations into the future. This year also saw Cheryl Hou, Country Representative of Singapore, being invited by JETAA NSW to attend - the first time another country has participated.

As always, a lot of buzz and interest was generated by the sharing of ideas and discussion. Social media was of particular interest, as a primary way to connect with and maintain connections with new blood as they go in and out of the JET Programme.

On the second day, Mr Isobe from CLAIR Tokyo presented on the history of JET and JETAA, and how CLAIR has been supporting JETs particularly in terms of career options.

The Country Representatives also presented: Australia’s representative (Ashlie O'Neill presenting on behalf of Will Perera, who was unable to attend) is working on a spreadsheet and tool to simplify record keeping and organisation, while Roseanna Finkle-Vern (NZ), outlined a plan for a NZ JETAA summit between chapters. She will also be finishing her term this year.

This year’s guest speaker is Mr Yoshinori Sakuno, Managing Director of doq Pty Ltd, who presented on ‘ikigai’ – finding a reason for being, or in other words, why do we do what we’re doing. Delegates are encouraged to find the intersection of what you love / what you are good at / what the world needs from you / what you can get paid for. For more details of the discussion and what was presented by each chapter, visit the JETAA Oceania website.


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